PJSC "DMPZ" is one of the most advanced and flexible enterprises among Ukrainian rolling mills. Currently, the assortment of steel products comprises over 150 die-rolled section and bars.

The rolling mill shop was commissioned on the 10th of March 1958. The rolling mill shop produces rolled section steel and structural shapes from its own and purchased steel square billets.
Pipe shop was put into service in October 1961. The pipe shop manufactures cast iron sewer pipes CHK-100, CHK-150 and mold castings.


Production of casting and gravel-sand mixtures. Manufactured products meet the three international standards.

Planned production capacity of steel is more than 500,000 tons per year, initially planned to produce the ordinary grades St3, St5. NLZ square in size from 120x120 to 150x150, casting duration of 47 min to 55 min.